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Choosing a Reliable Suitable Tow Truck Service Provider During Emergency Situations

Knowing the Different Types of Tow Trucks Used by 24 Hour Tow Truck Service Provider


When choosing a reliable towing service, looking into the credentials of the roadside assistance service provider is not sufficient. You also have to consider the types of tow truck services that the same offer and the tow trucks that they utilize. Remember a towing service wouldn’t be a success if the contractor will not use the right type of tow truck. Be it for a 24 hour tow truck service or regular tow truck services, you need to ensure that the towing company uses advanced tow trucks. For you to be aware of some of the common and most relevant types of tow trucks, you may check out the following information:


Flatbed Tow Trucks 

Most 24 hour tow truck service providers use flatbed tow trucks. The same is also the premium favorites of towing companies. It is widely used because the same is versatile and easy to handle. They are known for transporting vehicles that got involved in an accident or experienced other roadside emergencies.


Integrated Tow Trucks 

Some companies use integrated tow trucks. The same is more specialized compared to flatbed tow trucks. They are mostly utilized by contractors for towing and transporting heavy and big vehicles.


Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks 

Lastly, some towing companies use wheel-lift tow trucks. They are also easy to handle and can tow in tight spots. Moreover, the same can tow non-neutral cars.


Thus, there are different classifications of tow trucks that towing companies used. However, you need to ensure that you hire a reliable towing company, especially those companies that offer 24 hour tow truck service. Their services will come in handy, especially during emergencies.

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